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Writing Your Life To Discover It


This site is about writing your life – a “selfie” in words, a snapshot of who you are in a specific moment when life caught you, surprised you, shocked you…changed you.

An Unexpected Life is a blog of true stories you write, I write telling us about experiences that change us, that make us look at our lives differently…the world differently… something that turned you upside down, that came out of nowhere…that made you stop in your tracks.

It can be an experience as simple as someone saying something that turned your head around or seeing something from the corner of your eye that changed your view of everything.  Or it can be a more complicated event or encounter that changed you, affected you in ways you never could have anticipated – any and all surprising experiences that made life take a completely different turn.

Some are happy surprises filled with “Awesome!” Some surprises are a slap, a shock, a “Snap out of it!” to your personal reality.

All stories that changed your life in ways your never anticipated….we all have those stories.. where we have been changed by the unexpected jumping out at us.

Why write these stories? Why read them? Because in sharing them, we find connection…and it’s fun!