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I invite you to write your “unexpected” story…

For years, I have been writing lots about the experiences in my past that have changed the course of my life in sometimes subtle, sometimes direct ways. We all have those defining moments sprinkled throughout our lives.

It is easy to start writing. Sometimes, I just think of describing something that happened in the Deep Dark Past or some wild image that floated in from The Place Where Bizarre Occurs or sometimes, I write what I Wish I Could Have Said At the Time or I write to try and figure out, “Why Did This Happen?”


As the words hit the page, I have no purpose beyond taking words from my head and putting them on the page. But then, I look at the words and think, “What am I saying here? What do I want to say?”

That’s how it begins.

Just so you know a bit about me

I am currently working in an elementary school. In fact, the classroom is where I started as an elementary school teacher but after five years, I decided I wanted to write and produce documentaries as another way to teach. I wanted to tell personal stories that engaged, inspired, made you speechless with wonder as you watched and listened to someone’s life experience.  I interviewed hundreds of individuals who told me their remarkable stories.

An Unexpected Life is for you to tell me/us your remarkable story.

I will blog weekly stories from my life and you do the same. You can write running commentaries, observations, any True Life events. You can also comment on what you read from me and others who contribute. If you have photographs or video that accompany your story, please post those too.

I invite you to blog, as I will be, about these details of your lives, these ingredients

memory + imagination + curiosity

all mixed and tumbled together to make the Big You…

It is in Writing your Life that you Discover it.